KARA’s Hara’s solo debut is surprisingly looking not terrible (and she’s hot)


Although news of Hara‘s July solo debut has been known for months, DSP Media has only recently released further details about Hara’s solo project. The album will reportedly be entitled — and be prepared to groan at this pun — “ALOHARA (Can You Feel It?)”* and it will be available to purchase on July 14.

*Editor’s Note: Geez, even the titles are Amuro Namie-esque.

DSP Media also released a teaser image which, well, should help Hara’s solo debut gain some attention during such a stacked months of comebacks.


The teaser image doesn’t appear to be a bait-and-switch deal either. Apparently, KBS has already deemed Hara’s solo track “What Do You Think?” unfit for broadcast because of sexually suggestive lyrics, and based on the music video teaser we can see why.


I’m still a little skeptical if Hara can carry a song by herself because her vocals don’t really leave much of an impression, but that may not won’t matter in this case if Hara can just simply cause the masses to experience simultaneous heart attacks at the same time by prancing around in a sprinkler, or just in any kind of water.


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