SNSD release airy, bland, basic “Party” song, which comes with a beautiful Thailand CF


I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from SNSD‘s summer release, because by this point expecting anything positive to come out of this much-hyped girl group clusterfuck is just being in denial, but somehow “Party” was even worse than I anticipated.

Look, I wasn’t expecting much from this at all, but this was bland as hell. It’s like one airy, ditzy song that had a single key throughout, and while it seems like it’ll be fun for the fandom to listen to at concerts or whatever, I can’t imagine anybody else getting hyped for this shit. Put it this way, if this was a nugu group I would’ve turned it off and not bothered to cover it during the whistling part that sounded like it was making a play for the new theme song for Nick At Nite, whose target audience is 80+ humans whose main goal is not to shit themselves.

This isn’t SNSD’s fault though, it’s basically SISTAR‘s fault since they made everybody slaves to seasonal concepts, and now companies are trying way too hard to make things seasonal and way less hard on making a decently catchy song. I wasn’t actively offended by it or anything, but if you asked me to give a reaction it would be the same as when I lay comatose after eating half the world’s food supply after Thanksgiving: eyes rolled back, unable to care, and regretting life choices.


The music video actually manages to salvage an otherwise bomb, with a gorgeous outdoor location that proves it can get better than boxes. #ItGetsBetter

Basically every outdoor shot was beautiful, but: 1) STOP PUTTING FUCKING WORDS ON THE MUSIC VIDEO LIKE YOUR INTENDED AUDIENCE IS 10* 2) they should’ve never even bothered to shoot those wannabe disco indoor shots of “partying” 3) this whole thing should’ve just been passed off as a Thailand commercial and then we can just pretend this song never officially happened.

*Well, maybe it is.

Aside from all the gorgeous location shots though, they all looked great.







That’s about it.

Anyway, I have higher expectations for the next two releases, and I’m already sold on “You Think if they just don’t fuck it up, so hopefully they come through for once.


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