TWICE’s final lineup set, and the entire ‘SIXTEEN’ show was basically pointless


SIXTEEN‘, that show I don’t watch but still care about because TWICE might actually be appealing, concluded today and the final lineup was set with nine members. Almost predictably (and understandably), JYP didn’t give a single fuck about anything but his own opinion in setting the lineup and basically rendered his entire reality show pointless.

The final lineup is: Nayeon, Jungyeon, Dahyun, Jihyo, Sana, Mina, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, and Momo back from the dead. Out of those, I’m pretty sure basically the only member that got added as a result of the show was Tzuyu for her intense popularity as a visual.

Most importantly, the two I was cheering for got in, and they ended up taking three Japanese girls and one Taiwanese girl. So … I’m guessing Japan is on the shortlist of places to promote, huh?


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