Uchiyama Maroka, Hamasaki Ayumi’s ex, had a shotgun wedding & wishes kid was aborted


Remember Uchiyama Maroka? No? I don’t blame you, but this irrelevant dipshit once dated Hamasaki Ayumi somehow, and he’s been in the news again and again after that for stupid reasons. This time though, he’s in the news because he copped to having a shotgun marriage recently, and boy he couldn’t sound happier about it!

“Last year in January I met and thought ‘This girl is cute.’ Hmm, it soon became an adult relationship, we didn’t date. But, she helped with cleaning my room and laundry, and it was kind of an inclusive but not wanted situation. In autumn of last year, when she brought the clothes she washed for me to my house, I had slept with another woman. Hm, what do I say, it was a ‘reverse Yaguchi Mari situation.’ Of course I thought I was in trouble so I tried to pretend I was sleeping, but she was pissed. And then she separated from me. Then we tried to date, and from last Christmas we officially dated. Then, in February she informed me that she was pregnant. Well, I immediately told her ‘I want you to abort it’ though. However, the child support I pay to my son is pretty high, and that would be 1 more. She said that she wanted to keep it, so if she’s going saying then we might as well get married.”

Emphasis mine.

My god, what a romantic! Kim Hyun Joong is taking notes.

He also released two music videos to continue his shitty music career or whatever.


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