Lee Dong Gun says negative comments won’t change relationship with Jiyeon, people mad


Actor Lee Dong Gun recently released a statement saying that negative comments about his relationship with T-ara‘s Jiyeon will not sway him, and that made a lot of people even more mad because of course it did.

“I don’t even know how long ago I left Korea anymore. I’ve finished filming a movie and I’m now filming a drama in Shanghai. We’re about a third of the way through now. I still have a long way to go. In the end, I lost to the surprising power of social media. First off, I’m so sorry that I had to inform you of such huge news through the media. Jiyeon and I are slowly getting to know each other. She is a lot younger than me, but I have never felt the age gap with her since she is a smart and careful person and I can rely on her. As you know, I’m still immature. There will be many different opinions of our relationship. After hearing some of them, you may be worried or feel suspicious. But what’s certain is that I will never sway with those comments. I will protect her. Please stay on my side, on our side. There aren’t many people on our side yet. Since you were always by my side until now, I can ask you this without hesitation. I have no doubt that this is the person, love, and relationship that I have been waiting for. I will do well. Please trust me and watch.”

Korean netizens are predictably pressed, but the weird part is how the international netizens also criticize him for it. Why mimic the opinions of people you know just give any T-ara member random, illogical hate? I don’t understand that.

Anyway, I guess my hope from now on is that they date for a long time just for trolling purposes, if nothing else.


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