Girl’s Day apologizes on Koon TV, so everybody can stop pretending to care now


After being involved in an attitude controversy on Koon TV recently, Girl’s Day showed up on the program again as they said they would to offer an apology to Choi Koon and the AfreecaTV viewers and everybody, I guess.


The reactions to the apology actually got more upvotes than the controversy itself…

1. [+8,992, -395] Please don’t forget the days you started at the roots from rock bottom
2. [+7,236, -1,021] This scandal wasn’t an issue about who they are as people but rather their thoughtless actions. You can’t change who you are but you can change being thoughtless.
3. [+5,465, -338] I guess it really is hard to be humble the higher you reach…
4. [+5,064, -3,417] I’m not trying to say they did good but I think this does feel like a witch hunt. I hope to see them with a better image after these apologies.
5. [+4,166, -2,753] They apologized instead of avoiding the issue so I hope people will view it positively…

…because, like I said, nobody REALLY gave a lot of shits in terms of this being some gigantic blowout career-threatening issue.

1. [+574, -79] Hyeri is always going around apologizing for everything;;; isn’t she mature enough to stop acting in a way that makes her apologize all the time, tsk

1. [+576, -97] ㅋㅋㅋ Looks like they were super scared with their new comeback and all… but once an image crumbles, it’s hard to recover it. They themselves called the broadcast “realism” ㅋㅋㅋ That’s who they really are then, especially Hyeri and Sojin

Care mug almost empty.

So Korean netizens are sort of over it as long as they don’t fuck up again right away, but international netizens are still invested in acting like this is a major scandal like T-ara or Yewon or Clara, which is just … disconnected from reality. They’re also acting as if they’ve never been a drag in public before or something, which might actually be believable at this point, since I’m guessing most in the fandom haven’t lived a life yet. I just really don’t get the comments like “oh man, I don’t know about their personalities anymore” or “I have to look at them in a different light”, because to me, that was your problem to begin with. To look at them as some ethereal angels is a delusional perspective to hold for any idol from the outset, and to think they don’t swear and drink and fuck and get in fights and do other shit we all do in life is just not wanting to believe in the real world. It’s almost comical how invested some are in being pressed by this like they did something legitimately terrible and not just be like lazy and disinterested on a show.

That said, personally, I am still offended though, for three reasons:

1) They didn’t do a whole show to compensate, dammit.

2) Why didn’t Sojin and Choi Koon use the water bottle and re-enact the mandu thing? Okay, that’s risky as fuck, but this is about my entertainment and they owe me back the 30 minutes of my life I wasted when I watched this initially before people started giving a shit about a controversy. It would’ve been gold.

3) They didn’t apologize for what I was griping about, which was being boring and wasting my lifeblood/mana/hit points. When will I get justice for this? When will Girl’s Day show up at my home and Hyeri 90-degree bow to me? These are the important questions. I demand justice.


Trend it.

Choi Koon, by the way, who everybody was concern trolling for, was I’m sure devastated by this, oh wait:

No, I’m incapable of feeling sorry for him.

Jelly level over 9000.


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