Tao unfollows everybody after Chanyeol unfollows him, and I have but one regret


EXO‘s Chanyeol unfollowed Tao on Instagram, and that led to Tao unfollowing everybody on his Instagram. My only regret about the situation is that we did not get it on video.

If there ever was a time that a sasaeng needed to have installed a camera into Tao’s residence, this would be the moment where they could redeem their existence. It’s just difficult to imagine a situation where Tao DIDN’T see Chanyeol’s unfollow, make that ugly pre-weeping face…


…followed by a copious amount of loud, open weeping…


…while screaming “FINE I DIDN’T LIKE ANY OF YOU ANYWAY” and then unfollowing everybody.


The only surprise was that he didn’t then private or delete his account.


Please, we need this video.


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