INFINITE’s “Bad” was amazingly bad meaning good, you know?


I feel like INFINITE‘s “Bad” is the song we’ve been waiting for Big Bang to release in their months of comebacks, and I’m glad I think I can freely state that on this site without starting a stupid-ass fanwar in the comments (right?). Seriously though, I struggle to find too many faults with INFINITE’s comeback, as everything about this was right up my alley.

I have to say that INFINITE cheated though. From the very start, the instrumental is string-heavy and helps build a darker, dramatic feel, and that even carries over into the chorus. It’s cheating because I can’t not like an instrumental like that because my brain says “shieeet, awesome” no matter what.

The verses matched the instrumental and kept the mood and momentum flowing downhill, the pre-chorus slowed things down but not distractingly so, and it served its purpose as a change of pace before the chorus hit. And boy what a chorus it was with a catchy-ass “bad bad bad” hook that should stick in your mind and deserves to be a hit. The best part? INFINITE kept what normally would be “rap” parts to basically talking in a deep voice, which didn’t seem out of place and just further built to the darker concept. I guess that aspect was a surprise in general, as they not only avoided stupid rap parts but the vocals seemed to live up to the high expectations set by the instrumental and chorus they were given.

The music video is theme appropriate, and how/if they utilize the 360-degree technology should be interesting. It would be amazing if they move that creepy girl around and put her at random spots so she pops up on you like a horror flick. INFINITE’s choreo was below-average compared to their usual, but it’s not like there was a ton of it to begin with, and this type of concept probably wasn’t really the place anyway. So while there wasn’t anything exceptional about the music video, it did what it needed to do, which was help set the visual tone and get out of the song’s way.


The best thing is that I actually think this will get better as I get more listens, and this strikes me as something that I’ll love to hear when it comes on the radio or playlist, as opposed to some songs that wear on me over time. I would be shocked if this isn’t one of my favorite tracks of 2015.


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