Seo Ji Soo practicing with Lovelyz members again, but return still not decided


A report yesterday said that Seo Ji Soo had returned to Lovelyz after a lot of speculation over her status, and that the group was set for a return this summer. However, Woollim Entertainment denied that a comeback had been determined and that Seo Ji Soo was back in the group.

There has been nothing decided regarding Seo Ji Soo joining Lovelyz. She is currently practicing with the members, but her rejoining the group has not been determined yet.

While that’s a denial of the report, it also confirms that Seo Ji Soo is back with the members in some capacity, and it seems to indicate that she’s preparing for a return.

Perhaps Woollim won’t be gutless this time like they were with Tablo? We’ll see.


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