Teen Choice Awards is #TeamSchadenfreude, make 2NE1, Super Junior, SNSD fandoms fight


The ‘Teen Choice Awards‘ are the best because the event has given us a potentially epic clusterfuck as international K-pop fandoms will fight with not only each other but also other foreign bands with crazy fandoms, and all for an utterly meaningless award that nobody cares about.

SNSD, Super Junior, and 2NE1 are the K-pop groups included, and I’m not sure they could’ve done a better job of choosing, since they’re all groups with a huge fanbase that’s mobilized and unstable enough to care. But then factor in that they’re fighting for K-pop’s “honor” with groups like One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer, and Little Mix, and we’ve got a recipe for greatness.

#TeamSchadenfreude, please aware me if anything glorious happens. Thank you.

I am anticipating fondly.


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