BTS’s fan interaction in NYC cancelled due to death threats against Rap Monster


BTS were in New York City for a concert, but that concert was cut short tonight and the planned fan interaction was cancelled due to death threats directed towards Rap Monster.

The threat pictured was hardly the only one being directed towards the BTS event at the time, but it’s the one that was getting the most attention and is being blamed as the catalyst for everything that followed.

All of this appears to primarily be a result of a colorist statement Rap Monster made in English while in Australia, “Well, when I first saw V and J-Hope I couldn’t see them because they were too black. So … yeah, when the nights get dark, I couldn’t find them.” Probably not the best thing to say at any point in time, but even worse in English in Australia.

Of course, that (or really anything else) doesn’t justify a death sentence or a threat of harm, but people are absolute morons, so I don’t know why I would expect any different a reaction.


Anyway, unsurprisingly, given the fact that we just had an active shooter on the loose in America TODAY, event organizers took the threat seriously and it appears even police responded to the concerns in force.

Upon realizing that shit might get serious with authorities, and that freedom of speech doesn’t extend to terroristic threatening, the fan started to backtrack at record pace, first saying that everything was a joke…


…then saying she was hacked…


…and then claiming that she was actually a BTS fan.


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