Iljin thug Minah accused of BULLYING poor Yura over seating arrangement


This isn’t really “a thing” yet, but I wanted to write about this one Pann post to show how twisted people get after a scandal and how confirmation bias just makes people delusional.

As you well know by now, Girl’s Day had that whole Koon TV attitude controversy, and while Sojin, Minah, and Hyeri were criticized to varying degrees, Yura came off with an improved image relative to the rest.

Surprisingly, that reality somehow connects to why one netizen on Pann has made an issue of Girl’s Day’s seating arrangements on a radio program.

Girl’s Day Minah ignoring Yura;

I was a fan of Girl’s Day since ‘Something,’ and every time they did something disappointing, I stood by them and continued to be their fan. I first became a follower and fan of Minah but every time I saw Minah with the eyes of a girl, I can notice that she was smiling with her eyes on purpose in front of male idols and flirting with them.

And every time Yura talks, she keeps giving her the looks to her and every time Yura gets some attention, Minah pretends to smile a little with a fake smile? Then I can see Yura always keeping in mind of Minah. When I saw that, I was disappointed but still liked Girl’s Day.

But after seeing this live radio broadcast, the Girl’s Day members walk straight in but Minah notices some fans and stops. Seeing this, Yura passes Minah to go sit at the third seat but then Minah was holding some piece of paper? She quickly put the paper on the third seat’s table not allowing Yura to sit there. When Yura looks at Minah all confused, Minah acts as if nothing happened making Yura just naturally sit on the fourth seat. 🙁

Yura is even an older unnie than Minah but if you saw someone else trying to sit there, you can go to the back seat and not force yourself into the inner seat. How could you not let someone just sit there and humiliate them by blocking their way. After I saw this, I thought that Bang Minah’s personality hasn’t been fixed;; Being a true fan, I know someone’s true intentions. Minah’s personality makes her block Yura’s way just because she wanted to sit there making Yura go back to the far end.

Not even gonna touch on the internalized misogyny inherent in the “only women can see how other women all hate each other” shit, but here’s the video:

If you’re anything like me, you watched that video and thought, “What?”

It’s pretty clear that they sat down in the order they entered:


But that didn’t matter. Nor did it matter that Minah doesn’t even see Yura trying to lap her from behind, or that literally right after they sat down, Yura and Minah were talking and smiling or whatever.

It all doesn’t matter because as a result of the Koon TV issue, their personalities are now good versus evil to the point where people are just making shit up. This Pann post is basically at the logic level of the whole T-ara witch-hunt thing, except people actually cared about the T-ara issue on a national scale and they blew up EVERYTHING they could find. Lesson never learned.

People never cease to amaze.


Note: I request thug life type chops for Girl’s Day for me to use in their posts, thanks. 😮


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