Yunho’s “Champagne” might be superficial, but it’s better than Changmin’s “Rise As One”


TVXQ are going to the military real soon, so as a special treat for their fans, they released solo singles for their special album, “RISE AS GOD“.

Yunho dropped “Champagne“, a fanservicey party track, while Changmin belted over “Rise As One“, a song that is desperately trying to get put over an “edgy” cinematography of nature.

The chorus is so catchy and makes “Champagne” worth the price of admission. How good is the chorus? Good enough that it compensates for what is otherwise a mediocre effort in terms of both the verses and bridge, especially when Yunho starts to delve into that talk-rap sweg bullshit.

The music video is what it is, basically Yunho doing cosplay as fanservice, which I totally understand at this point.

Changmin … I dunno why you did this. I mean it’s not offensively bad or anything, but Changmin could do anything, and he choose this EDM ballad that G-Dragon wanted to use for Big Bang, but it didn’t have a SIQQQ trap beat drop in it.



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