Hello Venus drop EDM T-ara tribute track “I’m I’ll”, also steal their MV director


Hello Venus released their T-ara tribute track “I’m Ill” just moments ago, and they also hijacked T-ara’s director while coping with Brave Brothers trying to mute them on their own song.

Shockingly, I actually enjoyed this instrumental more than I want to admit, but I did think the song would be more melodic like the pre-chorus rather than just being basically a club song. Fortunately, the drop wasn’t significant and I think that was to the song’s benefit. People are complaining that there’s no EPIX DROP WUB WUB WUB or whatever, but for a pop song I think that’s actually a great thing and a welcome change from the shit status quo.

On the other hand, Brave Brothers clearly just doesn’t give a fuck anymore, because like with AOA‘s release, the performers are basically moot. Everything is drowned in the instrumental, which would be whatever if he was literally just doing EDM, but this is ostensibly a Hello Venus track and basically the only part worth a shit that involves them vocally is the aforementioned pre-chorus. The instrumental itself wasn’t as chaotic and busy as AOA’s, so it wasn’t the problem. Rather, it was all Brave Brothers trolling Hello Venus by not giving a shit about sound levels or whatever.

That said, against my better judgment, I actually enjoyed this, though with the caveat that I don’t think it’s something you can really listen to frequently without boring of it.



Look at Nara, who is so goddamn hot and needs to be cloned. Alice and Lime look amazing as well. So you’d think utilizing said visuals in a visual medium would be a priority. But no. NO.

I want to fucking slap the director and editor of this. And I’m only giving a pass to the stylist under the assumption that they were going for sort of a retro disco feel to the whole aesthetic because they look so good DESPITE the clothing at times. But back to the director and editor, I hate you. Nothing will be worse than T-ara’s music videos trolling the shit out of me, and they basically just copied that 5000 cuts a second technique AND tried to give me vertigo with the spinning room.

Quality troll job: 10/10.

Oh yeah, there’s also a club remix, which I’m assuming comes with a line of coke and a tab of ecstasy with purchase.



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