#FandomsAsCars: Are You A True Gearhead? Take The Quiz & Find Out!


You’re an automotive enthusiast as well as a KPAP aficionado.

You like your music like you like your cars: mass-produced and disposable.

You’ve got gasoline running through your veins!

You’re destined for the fast lane!

But can you guess what kind of car each KPAP fandom would drive?

Test your knowledge and determination by taking this quiz!!!111


[#01] ’00 Renault Twingo

“A relic of a time when a new Renault didn’t look like the fever dream of a coked-out art student.”

'00 Renault Twingo

(A)  Royal Treasure / Royal Pirates
(B)  V.I.P. / Big Bang
(C)  Secret Time / Secret

[#02] ’78 Chevrolet G20

“Raggedy as hell, but somewhat reliable: this van refuses to die!”

'78 Chevrolet G20

(A)  Mini-Me / Tiny-G
(B)  Hi Ade / Blady
(C)  E.L.F. / Super Junior

[#03] ’98 Smart City-Coupé

“The perfect vehicle for friendless individualists.”

'98 Smart City-Coupé

(A)  Ace Of Elvis /AOA
(B)  say A / miss A
(C)  B2UTY / B2ST

[#04] ’74 Reliant Robin

“Some parts may be missing, but that’s what makes it so charming.”

'74 Reliant Robin

(A)  EXO-L / EXO
(B)  Uaena / IU
(C)  Starlight / VIXX

[#05] ’96 Volvo 850 SE 2.5 Station Wagon

“So understated, yet so … so … so … so forgettable.”

'96 Volvo 850 SE 2.5 Station Wagon

(A)  Inspirit / Infinite
(B)  A.R.M.Y. / BTS
(C)  Pink Panda / A Pink

[#06] ’84 VEB Trabant 601

“Held together by cotton rags and socialist tears, the Trabant managed to outlast both the GDR and David Hasselhoff’s singing career.”

'84 VEB Trabant 601

(A)  Kamilia / KARA
(B)  Spade / GP Basic
(C)  Mercury / SPICA

[#07] ’06 Chrysler PT Cruiser

“The automotive equivalent of a worn pair of Hush Puppies.”

'06 Chrysler PT Cruiser

(A)  Aff(x)tion / f(x)
(B)  STAR1 / Sistar

[#08] ’95 Vauxhall Tigra

“A little on the wild side, but not too much. There’s definitely more to this car than meets the eye.”

'95 Vauxhall Tigra

(A)  QUEEN’s / T-ara
(B)  Primadonna / F.T. Island
(C)  Hiller / Sunny Hill

[#09] ’99 Fiat Multipla

“The everyman’s Ferrari Testarossa.”

'99 Fiat Multipla

(A)  Aileeans / Ailee
(B)  Hello Cupid / Hello Venus
(C)  Blackjack / 2NE1

[#10] ’95 Volkswagen Jetta

“The undisputed pinnacle of German engineering. 14,000,000 drivers can’t be wrong!”

'95 Volkswagen Jetta

(A)  S♥NE / SNSD
(B)  Voller / EvoL
(C)  DAI5Y / Girl’s Day


How did you fare?

Find out below!

#01-B, #02-C, #03-B, #04-A, #05-C, #06-A, #07-B, #08-A, #09-C, #10-A

10 Out Of 10: “Vrroom vrroom that zoom zoom.” – Hyosung, 2014
8-9 Out Of 10: Astonishing! Spectacular! Exhilarating!
6-7 Out Of 10:  Nana’s favorite co-driver.
4-5 Out Of 10: “I’m here to drive a car to hell!”
2-3 Out Of 10: You are the Michael Jordan of drunk driving.
0-1 Out Of 10: Sojin is disappointed in you. 🙁


Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?~ (✿◠‿◠)

Please remember to drive responsibly! Never drink and drive!


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