Tasty release evidence they’ve been in contact with Woollim, company still hates them


It had appeared previously that Tasty had just left Korea under the cover of night and told Woollim Entertainment go fuck themselves, which was all kinds of hilarious. Unfortunately, it was too good to be true, as Tasty have posted receipts that they were in contact.

In the screen captures provided, you can see Tasty calling the CEO of Woollim through Kakao voice talk, as well as evidence of conversations between Tasty and someone at the company not specifically named. Tasty explained, along with the images, that they had returned (to China) on June 3, contacted the CEO on June 6, and that on July 21 (which is the day they announced their Chinese single release), they had also contacted Woollim first. *The tweets have since been deleted.

But there’s yet hope!

Woollim rebutted that the texts don’t reveal the context of the situation and that Tasty did indeed just uproot and leave.

Woollim explained that Tasty left for China without any notice on June 3 and only two days later contacted the CEO to tell him unilaterally that they wanted to cancel their contract. And after one month without any contact, they announced on their social media network (SNS) account that they were going to begin activities in China and release a single. Woollim voiced their anger, continuing, “But today, they once again only used SNS to say things that make them look like they continuously tried to contact us.” Woollim concluded with the firm statement that what Tasty is doing- performing in China and releasing an album- is against their contract as they are still under an exclusive contract with the agency.”

I can’t even pretend I actually care about this one way or another since I didn’t know this group existed before this, but I’m rooting so hard for CCTV video to be released showing the duo sneaking out of the Woollim compound in the middle of the night.


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