After School can’t come back because Pledis is broke, according to Lizzy


At least two After School members want a comeback, but member Lizzy says they can’t because Pledis Entertainment is broke dick.

A couple days ago, seemingly at random, Jungah posted a picture of the group from their “Flashback” promotions, writing, “Our After School needs a comeback as well~ Every night Lizzy sends me concert videos heuheu we fall asleep like that… ^^ We’re pretty cool hee hee ☺️☺️☺️☺️ #AfterSchool #Comeback.

The next day, Lizzy left a message for fans, saying to give her comments, “People who are bored~ come here!!!! Play with me. Write comments. Yup~ um I am actually really busy … but let’s play!!

A fan wrote to her, “Give us a comeback.” Lizzy then replied with, “We need money for a comeback but we don’t have any … I also want a comeback.

This is … well … sort of sad. And I guess all those rumors about Pledis being flat broke were actually true.


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