Primary murders all with “Don’t Be Shy” thanks to Choa & Iron + “Mileage” also great


After Primary announced his featurings for his upcoming single album, I already had high hopes. Yet somehow with “Don’t Be Shy” he managed to top that by going in a completely unexpected direction with the music and executing it extremely well.

A reggae instrumental that was made for Choa‘s voice and then trip-hop elements for a short cameo by Iron? Yes, please. Listening to this song, I can smell weed and unwashed hair and drunk/high people skanking in a grass field. That’s how I know this rules. It’s a glorious summer song that deviates from the standard and expected party atmosphere.

The music video is gonna be underrated by people like me who are just fapping over the song/genre, but it’s low-key well done. Between the Ouija board, Choa acting like she’s undead, the creepy twins in the hallway, sullen dolls, and bed sheet ghosts, it all sets a very ominous mood. The cinematography and use of lighting helps bring out the best in those props, with the best choice being intermittently going back and forth between HD and a VHS-esque blur quality, which just adds to the creepy is-this-a-satanic-cult-home-video factor.


The other song by Primary was “Mileage” featuring Hwasa and Paloalto.

Hwasa’s voice fits this vibe perfectly, and Paloalto’s rapping is exquisite as usual. Another great track that I’ll definitely put on my chill playlist, but it was a bit more expected than something more out of the box like “Don’t Be Shy”.

That said, I can easily see a lot of people preferring this track.


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