Ask Asian Junkie: How many idols are forced to follow group members on social media?


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How many idols do you think are forced to follow members of their group but wouldn’t bother if they could avoid it?

You know, I’d actually say around 60%.

I base this on absolutely nothing specific about groups in Asian pop, but I know if you force enough people together who were previously strangers for long enough, you’re bound to not gel with at least one person. Hell, even if you like somebody you may not want to bother following them on social media. The amount of idols who wouldn’t follow each other out of hate is probably low, but I would bet most just follow everybody in their group to avoid the inevitable fan harassment and so the media don’t start speculating about problems.


The funny thing is that fans and media pushing this norm where they all have to follow each other fucks it up for the rest of us. If this type of thing weren’t a requirement, we’d have much more material to speculate irresponsibly with insight into possible group dynamics.

Like Sunhwa would’ve probably blocked all the SECRET members from her social media by now or some shit, which would be hilarious.


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