Kim Hyun Joong’s defense for the texts is that they can’t be used in court and that’s it


Kim Hyun Joong‘s lawyers have responded to his ex’s statement and release of text messages, sticking to refuting the stuff that has legal and monetary implications.

What they didn’t do, however, is refute the validity of the text messages, which they just hand-waved away as not admissible in court. Unfortunately, those text messages they don’t seem to care about continues to drive home the fact that their client is just a terrible human.


Like I’ve said before regarding these dueling lawsuits, I’m not sure who is gonna win, and the back-and-forth over legal technicalities and all that will continue for a while longer. Regardless of the outcome, however, it’s already quite clear to me that he isn’t worth wasting your time thinking about. Since his lawyers aren’t rebuking the texts, it’s safe to conclude Kim Hyun Joong is a habitual abuser, has basically zero compassion, and tried to manipulate legal matters to avoid consequences for his actions. Overall, just a massive turd in the punch bowl of humanity, and no result from the ongoing lawsuit is gonna change that.

And for the Kim Hyun Joong fans who constantly wonder why I feel comfortable declaring that: Once again, I’m just using his own words.


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