Wonder Girls release “I Feel You” teaser & “Reboot” album preview and I’m so nervous


Over the past week or so, the Wonder Girls have released flawless teaser after flawless teaser, showcasing each member playing their chosen instrument with all the flair of a maestro. So, as it sadly seemed destined to from the start, the group recently released a music video teaser that bears little resemblance at all to the glorious individual teasers that came before it.

Now, if this was just going to be a regular ol’ Wonder Girls release, this would actually be looking fairly solid. The 80s-retro sound and look of “I Feel You” seems like it’s going to be fully realized, and the members (especially Yubin) look amazing (especially Yubin). However, the 80a pop sound simply doesn’t sound very rock-ish and it certainly doesn’t seem to accentuate whatever “band” format the Wonder Girls had been promoting with their infinitely more awesome individual teasers.

The Wonder Girls also released a small sampling of what each track on the “Reboot” album would sound like. Much like the music video teaser, “Reboot” seems like it will be pretty good as the 80s-era influences are similarly strong throughout the album (“Back” even sounds like an early hip-hop track). But again, if one were to just listen to this three minutes of samples without any knowledge of the Wonder Girls’ band concept, they would probably be hard-pressed to think that a “band” put this together.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that this comeback seems conceptually consistent and well thought-out. Sadly, I’m dubious about how much the new “band” format will ultimately play into the Wonder Girls’ “Reboot.”

At least we’ll always have this:

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