Rumors of Tao being bullied by EXO quickly dismissed, which was interesting in itself


Netizens have recently compiled “evidence” of Tao being bullied while in EXO, which was said to be related to him leaving and his subsequent open shading of EXO. The “evidence” was presented in the form of still pictures and GIFS without context, and were correctly dismissed as lacking context.

It’s stuff like this:






That this was complete bunk was basically universally agreed upon.

On one hand that’s a good thing, because him being bullied based on the “evidence” they presented is bullshit. On the other hand, I found it interesting how quickly EXO were absolved of this considering T-ara continues to be dragged through the mud based on similar types of “evidence”.

Hell, EXO have had more members leave and those members have actually outwardly aired their grievances, but still the group is unscathed. Thus, I find the disparity in treatment interesting, as it’s a testament to how ethnic issues, media framing, and company public relations helps to control/direct the dialogue among netizens and the general population.


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