Cheetah’s “My Number” underwhelms despite my efforts to love it


Cheetah finally dropped the much anticipated “debut” after her win on ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘, and the “My Number” teasers only magnified the hype. Unfortunately, I don’t think this lived up to the billing.

I’m a fan of Cheetah. I’m a fan of her rapping. And as far as I’m concerned she’s up there near the top with Yoon Mi Rae.

Unfortunately, even her talent can’t save this song, which was bland and dead in the water like a beached whale. When I covered the teaser, I feared the noise for the sake of noise drop in the chorus, but reality was even worse: there was no real drop, no real hook, and that left her dancers to make do with a mediocre instrumental while Cheetah sat in silence. If that seems like a dumb plan, that’s because it was.

Speaking of the devil though, the dancers are amazing and there are some of the most enjoyable dancing sequences in a K-pop music videos by the non-artist in here, but it actually almost expounds on the weaknesses of the song, because you look at how entertaining it is and just think how much more it would all match with something harder. Then you listen to the song without the amazing visuals of the dancing and it actually ends up falling flatter than before.

Look, I truly wanted to like this, as Cheetah and her image is like if CL could actually rap and write her own lyrics, but it seems safe to say this was a disappointment.


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