KCON had an erotic fanfic reading event in Los Angeles, which is interesting


KCON is currently going down in Los Angeles, which is wonderful. Oh yeah, they’re also reading erotic fanfiction at an event.

If there was a definition of awkward, this would be it.

Doing these type of things requires either: 1) an audience and narrator who take themselves way too seriously (think art snobs) and who would believe reading erotica is REAL SERIOUS ARTZ 2) a narrator who is charismatic for funny tongue-in-cheek type of readings.

This? Well … yeah, I dunno who the fuck green-lighted this for KCON, but … THANK YOU! Thank you so much for this awkward, cringe-worthy mess and please continue to do it in perpetuity.

I hope changes are coming though, mainly in the form of celebrities either being in the room while erotica about them is being read or reading the erotica to the room themselves.

Here’s an idea: Get an EXO member to read fan erotica and charge fans hundreds a head for them to see it coming out of the mouths of their faves. I’m a genius. Put me in charge, thx.


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