T-ara don’t even care about “So Crazy” and it’s still better than most summer releases


T-ara recently released their “we don’t have any expectations” “we don’t care and that’s why we let this clown produce it” “we’re just dropping this here so y’all remember our names before we go back to China” track, “So Crazy“. And even though T-ara doesn’t give a shit about Korea anymore, they were still nice enough to kick them some pop scraps on their way out of the country.

My first thought? Die Brave Brothers. My second thought? Holy shit this is a terrible beginning.

Quite frankly, I was ready to just move on to their Shinsadong Tiger track in China after just a bit of listening. Fortunately, I stuck with it as the track sure as hell made a glorious resurgence, starting with the pre-chorus, and they carried that momentum throughout the rest of the track. You can tell this isn’t T-ara’s “sound” cause it’s not really a hook song, and it’s more like something AOA would release. But this track would be up there with some of AOA’s better singles, so there isn’t really a problem with that either.

That said, I did think that it only barely escaped from the song flat-lining during the chorus, and it was the pre- and post-chorus work that really helped make the track. I also thought that while the timing of the lower register “rapping/talking” verse was great, the actual instrumental during those quieter periods was a similar type of mess to what I complained about with AOA’s last release. In fact, I honestly didn’t really take to this song all that much until it came up randomly on a playlist and I found myself enjoying it a lot and listening all the way through. That is to say I think it’s a grower, and even if it seems just solid-average initially, it’ll probably stick around as quality part of their discography in the end.


As far as the music video is concerned, I didn’t really pay much attention to the “plot” (whatever the fuck was going on), I just knew it gave T-ara an excuse to dress up in sailor outfits and that’s enough for me.

Successful concept right out of the box!





Needless to say, they look amazing, and Eunjung finally got her long hair back.



Qri and Boram, meanwhile, are still competing for the title of member most likely to murder a human or 20.


Soyeon? Soyeon doens’t give a shit.



As netizens whine about Soyeon dating that actor I don’t even give a shit about, Soyeon stays sitting that fit booty on his face and makes him eat it like groceries. Bless.


“So Crazy” stands as another positive mark on T-ara’s discography despite the fact that it’s not their style and it’s unlikely to be the type of viral ear-worm they’ve built their career upon. Even if it’s not necessarily great, it sure is catchy and fun, probably accomplished through their sheer, gritty group determination.


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