Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyers explain his texts: “Oppa didn’t mean it!”


Kim Hyun Joong‘s lawyer tried to explain the texts to his ex today, basically by saying that everything was either out of context or normal.

Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney Lee Jae Man released a statement through press releases today, explaining, “The text messages leaked by the suspect (Choi) are messages which contain embarrassing content of how she shared with Kim Hyun Joong the news of her pregnancy (a total of four times in a span of seven months), and could possibly receive ethical criticism,” and noted, “Going beyond the ethical standpoint, however, the suspect’s one-sided and arbitrary leaking [of the text messages] is a criminal offense categorized under calumny (killing of one’s reputation), punishable by legal action.”

Ah, yes. Press even more charges and make more accusations against the ex, this will make you sympathetic.

The lawyer further proclaimed, “The text messages were deliberately edited to show certain parts that make it appear as if [Kim Hyun Joong] is degrading women, but once you peruse the context and the situation at the time, you will realize that the words weren’t degrading the suspect.”

Oh! Were we wrong all along? Were the text messages faked?!

“Firstly, Kim Hyun Joong only said ‘virile bastard’ because Choi told him many times that she got pregnant which led him to form that word, asking how he could be so good at impregnation.” Regarding Kim Hyun Joong’s other explicit texts such as, “I hate the strength of my seeds,” and, “Am I some sort of impregnating machine?” Lee explained, “They’re phrases that [Kim Hyun Joong and Choi] used with each other because of how easily the pregnancy occurred. It’s a misunderstanding.” Furthermore, Lee explained the use of the word “pig” in yet another of Kim Hyun Joong’s text message which went, “I got stuck with a pig-like person who keeps saying she’s pregnant.” Lee said that Kim Hyun Joong normally used that nickname with Choi due to her physically built frame, firmly declaring, “[Kim Hyun Joong] only meant [Choi] kept mentioning her pregnancy and didn’t mean to degrade her.”


Translation: “I called her a pig because she’s fat and pregnant, that’s all. Oppa didn’t mean it.

Nothing on the admission of abuse or the chats about anal the day before an abortion or all of the past texts that included stuff like death threats, just oppa really didn’t mean all that stuff he actually did say in a bad way. It would’ve honestly been better if his lawyers just said nothing at all.


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