Hashimoto Kanna is the devil in Lip Baby CF; group must worship her for their employment


Hashimoto Kanna, who continues to get CF money, got even more bank from Lip Baby, and continues to put Rev. From DVL on her back.




Cute and effective commercial.

But honestly? The more and more I see her, the more I wonder how her life is back with her group. Like I would be shocked if she actually managed to remain humble and didn’t make the other members carry her from place to place and shit. Like if she told her company that she wants gladiator pit battles to the death between the others or she’s retiring, could they really refuse her at this point? No, the answer is no.

Quite frankly, this goes for most popular idols, right? Not only are they an idol to begin with, which makes them a teenage celebrity (most of the time), but they are popular among the popular kids. So really we should be surprised when one ISN’T a gigantic asshole.


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