Kim Hyun Joong, ironically, will sue you for saying mean things about him


Kim Hyun Joong, noted recently for saying terrible shit to his ex, is now gonna sue all of us for saying completely true mean things about him on the Internet.

Kim Hyun Joong’s legal representative Lee Jae Man told Star News today, “We have discovered people continuously and repeatedly leaving hate comments on this issue (the ongoing legal dispute between Ms. Choi and Kim Hyun Joong). Soon we plan to take legal action.” According to Lee Jae Man, some netizens have been leaving hate comments towards Kim Hyun Joong using the same online ID. Lee stated, “We will take forcible action [against those who continue to leave hate comments].”

Truth isn’t a defense for defamation in Korea, so this is another thing he could technically win and it wouldn’t change the fact that he’s a terrible human.

Oh yeah, his lawyers have also said his ex is now prevented from leaving the country, which is trying to paint her as a “guilty” flight risk when there’s been no indication she’s even considered it.


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