Sulli will leave f(x) to pursue acting, Red Velvet claims another sacrifice


The seemingly never-ending Sulli drama has come to an end as she will leave f(x) and pursue acting, according to SM Entertainment. Going forward, f(x) will promote with four members, and they’re rumored to be making a comeback at some point this year.

SME also says that individual activities are planned for the f(x) members, and that they are planning to assist Sulli in her wishes to pursue a new career path.


It is, of course, no coincidence that Red Velvet is rumored to be making a comeback soon, which just further drives home the cold, hard reality that they are Satan’s group and require the sacrifices of live careers for sustenance. How you people tolerate this devil group is beyond me!

Additionally, now we can wait for Jinnabit to do more crazy shit as if the fact that Sulli doesn’t want to be in f(x) anymore justifies stalking and harassment and all that shit.

Plus, as much as I enjoy f(x), it’s almost even better if Krystal and Victoria leave on cue now, as it’ll be hilarious to watch the netizen reactions.


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