Lee Jung Hee documentary reveals it all might’ve been a shaman manipulation scam


Because I started covering the first installment of the Lee Jung Hee documentary, as well the seemingly damning evidence against her that emerged as a result, it seems at least a follow-up synopsis of the second part of the documentary would be appropriate. Koreaboo has the entire thing in detail, but for my purposes, the synopsis was accurate enough.

– Lee Jung Hee started to suspect that her ex-husband (Mr. Huh) was cheating on her after getting close to Shaman Kim.
– Shaman Kim convinced Lee Jung Hee to sell her properties worth a total of nearly $4.5 million USD.
– All of the properties are currently under Shaman Kim’s name.
– In Lee Jung Hee’s notes, there are mentions of what information the sons should say and what she should say.
– All of the individuals that Lee Jung Hee sued for rape were financially related to Shaman Kim.
– Shaman Kim was featured on a program years before, which highlighted her history as a known scammer.
– Victims of Shaman Kim gathered to tell their stories.
– Lee Jung Hee’s family decides to sue her for child abuse, claiming she forced her sons to false testify with sexual content.
– Texts between Shaman Kim and Lee Jung Hee revealed that Shaman Kim was telling Lee Jung Hee what to do.

So yeah, unsurprisingly, the second half isn’t exactly flattering to Lee Jung Hee either, but it’s especially unkind to this ‘Shaman Kim’ figure. It paints this whole ordeal as more about manipulation by ‘Shaman Kim’ than anything else, and that she was the actual mover and shaker behind all of this mess.

The whole thing seriously reminded me of an episode of ‘Crime Scene‘, where the supposed conspiracy was too ridiculous to process. Truth is stranger than fiction, I suppose.


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