Get The Look: 4Minute’s “Volume Up”, unchaining your inner vampire


While 4Minute’s latest comeback with “Crazy” has taken the group out of the Brave Brothers black hole that they were lost in since 2012, I personally consider “Volume Up” to be the group’s greatest wall both musically and visually.

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Even with HyunA’s flawless existence aside, I think that this concept took the group’s looks to a whole new level. And it did so by standing out from all the high-wasted-pants-and-blazer outfits vomited on every girl group by the K-pop machine at the time (this trend caused me such a severe emotional trauma that I’m currently in a cult that glorifies belly buttons).

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The main stars of this music video are, without a doubt, the flowy skirts and leather jackets. If you’ve read just one of my articles you know how annoying I can get with the idea of mixing fabrics and textures, and I don’t think I can name a single K-pop outfit that executes this just as well.

GetTheLook VolumeUp

Thanks to Miss Pandora for saving me the trouble of having to set up a collage with this great example of how this combo can be pretty wearable if you’re smart about it. First things first, the skirt here is a tulle skirt with a lot of volume, but you could easily go for something lighter. Secondly, length is important, VERY important; if you’re short you should aim for a length above your ankles or try a skirt with a split. If you’re tall you should try something below your ankle, just make sure it’s not too long and you end up tripping every five minutes like a dork.

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The jacket, on the other hand, doesn’t include as many rules; just make sure is not too long or baggy. In regards of the accessories, simple and monochromatic would be the way to go since this outfit can easily make you look like you decided to wear everything in your closet at once; this also applies to the shoes, where choosing between flat sandals or heels is a matter of preference, but remember that this will alter the length of the skirt when you wear it.

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For the makeup, you could opt for a full blown goff treatment or tone it down a bit, but I’d recommend keeping the focus on the eyes with a soft color for the lips. You can even get away with a one eyeshadow look if you give your eyeliner a good flick. If you can afford it, the perfect palette for this makeup look would be the recently launched Naked Smoky by Urban Decay (I would totally not be jealous if bought it though, nope).


In the end, even if you don’t particularly love this MV (or look), you have to admit that 4Minute make way better vampires than ol’ shovel face. And this…

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…is still a better love story than ‘Twilight‘.

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