Hate Me Now: Asian Junkie has now been turned in to the FBI


So my article about the SNSD fandom overreacting to a person Taeyeon replied to managed to spread to the SNSD fandom last night, and because people are unable to have any awareness whatsoever, they ironically went on a rampage in my Twitter mentions, culminating in one person just ending the exchange by notifying the FBI.


Probably one of the highlights of my time running this site. Just amazing.



Trying to ruin that whiner’s life is totally fine because calling a celeb trash is horrible and hurtful! Celebs are human too, you know! … So I can’t believe you don’t think the whiner deserved to be dragged for that, Asian Junkie, you ugly bitch liar dick-riding cunt!

That sums up a lot of my mentions last night, which was a lot of fun. You really really really have to actively try hard to lack that much perspective.

Also, what?



The weirdest accusation to come out of this is that I defend netizen haters, as if I don’t light up netizens for their bullshit treatment of celebs all the time. No, my actual point is that the law being used is bullshit*, attempts at e-policing over shit like that is bullshit, and a fandom going after a “hater” for saying a celeb is “trash” is a gigantic overreaction. Nobody is defending the whining idiot netizen “hater” here, what was said is that the fandom managed to come off far worse than the “hater” did, which is certainly something worth reflecting over if the fandom believes what the “hater” did was so terrible.

*Hardly anything comes of these cases (90% of them at least), so they do nothing really to “protect” celebs from antis. The main thing the law actually accomplishes is insulating politicians and executives from criticism by giving them the cudgel of the threat of lawsuit, and they can thus neuter journalists and media that way. But hey, who gives a shit about that stuff? Oppar/unnir was being attacked!


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