Hey, let’s check in on Chinese netizens giving their thoughts on Tao’s “apology” to Kris


It’s rare that we get to hear from Chinese netizens since I don’t really cover that scene, but I thought it’d be worth checking in for their perspective on the Tao and Kris drama since we frequently only get one side of the coin.

Well, here are a bunch of Chinese netizen reactions to Tao’s “apology” to Kris with Sina.

[+14403] Why do some of you not get it? This is not an apology. A sincere apology should be settled privately and not in a public interview causing discomfort to the other party. This is obviously a plot to stir things up. He wasn’t even apologetic, what he was trying to say is that “I was young and insensible back then so you should forgive me since I apologized. If you don’t accept my apology it means you’re petty.” Don’t talk about forgiving or not because you did not even ask for forgiveness, you’re only using him.

[+12834] Wu Yifan has never said anything bad about SM or EXO to the media, even when you, Huang Zitao, who talked bad about him, he did not say anything about it so do not twist the situation and let others think Wu Yifan is petty. If you really treat him as your best friend, do not divert the public’s attention– now the public wont remember your rude attitude controversy but will only remember you begging for forgiveness. You’ve achieved your motive but let’s not meet again.

[+11261] Huang Zitao’s works titled “Daddy Called Me Back Home” “My Backstabbing Diary” “I Am Famous” etc. Introducing his newest works: “The Apology Through Tears and Limping” “Forcing Him To Forgive” Please support and anticipate the mentioned works.

[+11285] My special crying technique: 敲着二郎腿哭 (I don’t know what is the user trying to say but it directly translate to: knocking on his legs crying?)

[+10844] You said in Korea he taught you the most out of all the members, you said so yourself when you go out with him you dont have to fork out a single cent, because you were scared to bathe alone, Wu Yifan, who was eating half way, waited half an hour outside the bathroom for you. As his best friend, didnt you know he left because of his illness and unfair treatement? True best friends should wish him all the best and support him, not make fun of his illness when he wished you guys all the best.


Also, the hashtags on this from the translator:

#it’s not that i dont want to translate positive comments about tao but there really isn’t any in the top comments #this is embarrassing i may delete it later #kris #tao



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