[Update] Topp Dogg’s Kidoh & Gohn at odds with Stardom over contract; company responds


Stardom Entertainment is known for being run questionably by Cho PD, a fact that was made apparent after Block B left the company under acrimonious circumstances. And now, to the surprise of basically nobody, Topp Dogg‘s Kidoh and Gohn are requesting contract contents certification mail, which could lead to contract termination, according to Star News.

The reason the two may want out of their contract is their poor treatment by the company and questionable calculations of their earnings, which sounds awful familiar to what Block B experienced.

A few days ago, Kidoh also tweeted out this:



And if you remember, one of their other members also went public about abuse within the group.

Topp Dogg was supposed to have a comeback soon, so things must’ve reached a boiling point in a hurry. And while this doesn’t mean they will for sure request termination of their contract, if an agreement about the dispute cannot be settled outside of court, then it’s reported that they will request termination.

Additionally, the original version of the article said EvoL‘s Yull, J-Da, and Hayana had also already left the group and are requesting contract termination, but upon refreshing, that section was deleted. Maybe it was a reporting mistake or maybe it’ll show up elsewhere, we’ll see.

Stardom has said they will make a statement soon.



Stardom’s parent company (apparently), Hunus Entertainment, released a statement saying they never received any document from Kidoh and Gohn and are moving forward with the comeback.

So … uh … either this was a gigantic media fail or the company is just putting their fingers in their ears and pretending nothing is happening.


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