Cho PD said that EvoL’s J-Da, Hayana, and Yull have left the company


While Cho PD denied that Topp Dogg‘s Kidoh and Gohn were filing a complaint about their contract, he did slip in at the end of the statement that when Stardom Entertainment merged with Hunus Entertainment, EvoL members J-Da, Hayana, and Yull terminated their contract and left the company.

Or, as one person alleges, Stardom terminated the trio.

One insider told the press, “Hayana, Yull, and J-Da were probably taken aback because their contracts were terminated,” adding, “we are under the impression that the three members were not explained exactly why their contracts were terminated when the companies merged.”

Where does that leave EvoL? Who knows? Stardom hasn’t given a single shit about using them anyway, but it certainly seems like the group is either done or that they’ll be adding new members before they return. Hell, come to think of it, I’m not even sure where this leaves Stardom, as now both their remaining groups are having contract/member disputes.

One insider who claimed to be a former employee of Stardom told the media, “There were issues with finances, but I think there were dissatisfaction with the lack of support by the company. Entertainment is ultimately a business done by the people. [Cho PD] basically turned his back on his employees and the artists who sacrificed their entire youth for the company [during the merge with Hunus Entertainment.]”

Welp, given what’s been going around about the company, maybe it’s for the best if everybody leaves.


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