“Doctor Pepper” music video released and … at least CL is in it and back on track


The music video for the “Doctor Pepper” collab has been released, and at least CL‘s American image is coming along nicely.

To anybody who reads the site, it won’t shock you that my opinion on the song still hasn’t changed much — my dislike for a lot of trap aside, it doesn’t even bang for that purpose, IMO — nor does it change the fact that I’ve never liked OG Maco or Riff Raff (seriously, I can’t believe he’s a real person). Hell, even Diplo half-assed this production.

There are already “REAL HEP-HAP” fans out there (delusional dumbasses) trying to “educate” K-pop fans about “OMG not everything is in your KPAP bubble” and that “if you don’t like this or think it bangs you’re just a hater who doesn’t get it”. But don’t be dissuaded because nothing here shocks or isn’t anything I haven’t seen over and over … and you’re free to feel confident that it still sucks even if you actually are some insulated little KPAP kid. It’s a novelty track, always has been.

All that said, CL plan of attack in America is back on track. Despite my dislike of her actual rapping and basically everybody here thinking this would be a disaster, I was actually an early supporter of the grassroots type of approach to her American debut because I thought that’s how other Asian artists should’ve done it. I was admittedly discouraged at her participation/association with … well … rappers who others don’t take seriously, but combined with her recent performances at American events, this works in a way because CL easily stands out among all the shit. Most importantly, the preview into her American image is actually promising, and it sort of reminds me of LE with Jiggy Fellaz with K-pop fashion styling.

That’s not a bad thing.


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