The rest of Primary’s amazing ‘2’ album is led by “See You”, “Tonight”, “Rubber”


With all the singles having been covered here, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that was all there was to Primary‘s ‘2‘ album, but there were actually seven other tracks besides the previously covered Mannequin” featuring Suran and Beenzino, Don’t Be Shy” featuring Choa and Iron, “Mileage” featuring Paloalto and Hwasa, Hello” featuring Lena Park, and “Just Like U” featuring Jessi and Yankie.


“See You” Feat. Kim Bum Soo & Gaeko

“Rubber” Feat. Oh Hyuk

“Paranoia” Feat. Gaeko & Sun Woo Jung Ah

“Tonight” Feat. Junggigo

“She” Feat. Jung In, Choiza, Hangzoo & Geegooin

“Gold Finger” Feat. Suran

“U” Feat. Kwon Jin Ah & Rap Monster

The most glaring omission was “See You”, which I’m pretty sure I forgot about while I was busy jerking it to “Gondry” and “Bawling“. For shame. Gonna use “I’ll love you from Sunday to Monday” as my pickup line now. “Rubber” is a funky track that features Oh Hyuk, so … I mean how could it ever go wrong? The calm, gentle build to the groovy chorus, along with the smoothness of it all, is just great. Even after “Some” I never really “got” Junggigo, but I sort of get it now after “Tonight”. The falsetto is so nice.

There are 12 tracks in total, and there are no songs I hate with only a few tracks I haven’t added to my playlist, which basically says it all about my feelings on ‘2’.


For those in North America who want to buy Primary’s ‘2’, you can get the album here. For those elsewhere around the world, you can get the album here.


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