FTC investigates SME/YGE for overpricing goods and taking advantage of stupid kids


The Fair Trade Commission is investigating SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment, basically because their fandoms are idiots and will pay anything for idol goods.

Last month, the Seoul YMCA released a report on the multiple entertainment agencies’ idol merchandise prices, and filed a request to Fair Trade Commission to investigate into the abusing their prices. Fair Trade Commission has then chosen the two agencies with the most merchandise, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment.

Seoul YMCA is claiming that these agencies are manipulative in their pricing as they argue that the agencies are taking advantage of their artists’ fanbase to sell overpriced items. However, there is difficulty regulating the merchandise pricing done by the entertainment agencies due to the small and limited nature of the industry. Consequently, the Fair Trade Commission has also begun gathering data regarding the idol merchandise industry. They refused to comment on details regarding the case.

I dunno what exactly is being done here. They’re sort of arguing that the industry is price gouging, but usually that charge comes with essential goods (water/food/gas), and buying oppar/unnir idol goods are not exactly something that needs protecting, right?

Like if they want to sell some dumbass lightstick for $500, and people are pissed about it, the easy solution is for the fandom to say, “Uh, fuck you.” Besides, I’m not so sure you can even legislate against fanatical behavior, cause if they don’t spend money on some goods, they’ll spend it elsewhere.

What I’m saying is: It’s not the price of the goods that’s the problem here, if there’s even a problem to begin with.


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