2002 World Cup girl & singer Shim Mina dating idol 17 years younger, Ryu Philip


“Singer” Shim Mina, better known for being the hot Korean girl at the 2002 World Cup, is now 43 and it has emerged that she is supposedly dating 26-year-old Ryu Philip of SoREAL, who are apparently (?) a group under Star Empire Entertainment.

The two met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in June and soon became a couple. Despite their 17-year age difference the two have allegedly said that they are not affected by the gap.

Star Empire are looking into it before they release a statement.

An official at Star Empire told News 1, “Ryu Philip joined the army two weeks ago and we’re very surprised that such news broke out while the person in question is in the army. We will confirm with him and come back with further statements.“

Well, the benefits of being an extremely fit 43-year-old, I suppose.

Oh yeah, this is another great example to cite when idiots say stuff about how they wish they could go back to nice and innocent K-pop. Cause, uh … yeah.






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