SNSD’s “Lion Heart” is a retro-themed bore, so my hopes move on to “You Think”


SNSD released “Lion Heart” recently, which I thought was bordering on a solid release based on the catchy retro teaser. However, I also thought there was room for it to become what was unfortunately the final product: a bore.

The first part of the chorus is catchy as hell and complements the instrumental perfectly, which is wonderful. Unfortunately, there’s basically the rest of it. I’m not sure the verses could’ve been manufactured in a laboratory to be more bland, and everything after the first chorus section is boring as hell, man. The vocal runs at the end made it mildly interesting just cause at least it was noisy again, but by then it would be too late and I would’ve switched the radio station.

The typo perfectly represents the song.


A mistake.

The plus? The visuals are nice and glossy, as expected, and at least Yuri got shine for once. The bestiality angle is … well, it’s something as well.

No matter, like with the atrocious “Party, they’ll win 100 awards and people will pretend it was the best thing ever because they happened to drop “Gee” like a decade ago.

It’s whatever though, because as I expected months ago the only thing I’m looking forward to from this is “You Think“. Hopefully it replaces the rap break with a dance break like I requested so I can truly enjoy my first SNSD Korean release in what seems like forever.


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