Actor Jung Woon Taek caught on tape assaulting driver after proclaiming innocence


Actor Jung Woon Taek was recently accused of assaulting a driver, but he quickly and forcefully rebutted those claims by saying that the drivers at the scene provoked him and they only had a lightly physical, mutual combat type of encounter. Netizens assumed the driver was just trying to get money out of the actor, but then video of the incident dropped.

The witness filming all this said the actor was upset that he was being denied service by drivers, who were waiting for their company bus to come pick them up, and that he then kicked one of the drivers, which is where the filming begins. The video shows that the actor was drunk and belligerent towards the drivers, and that he threatens them and then drags one all over the place before shoving him into a van.

As for why the alleged victim didn’t just take the initial offered settlement money and run, he said:

“Other drivers ask me why not drop this case after receiving 1 million Won in order not to stress myself. I initially wanted to think that way but it just doesn’t work that way. By working as a chauffeur service driver, I’ve seen so many bad sides of the society. I’ve always kept it to myself even if I went through bad things. I thought about this for couple days but I figured that if I remained silent, this case would just vanish like nothing happened. And thus actor Jung Woon Taek might repeat these actions. I hope through this incident, Jung Woon Taek sincerely take time to reflect on his actions.”

Fair enough. At least justice was served.


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