Asian Junkie is … back?

Hey! Long time no see!

Um … so Asian Junkie should be back up and running, though I included the question mark because at this stage I’m not taking anything for granted.

So what happened? Long story short, the worst possible timing in the history of the universe. An update basically corrupted the site and started taxing the server for seemingly no reason, thus making everything unbearably slow. I probably needed a clean install to fix the issue, which isn’t as big of a deal as it sounds like except …. the hosting company that I had my site on isn’t doing hosting anymore, so I had to move the entire site. That added about a week to the timetable, and while some stuff is still being added back (and honestly I’m too lazy to add back posts from before this year, fuck it), I just wanted to start posting as soon as I could.


I’m going to start posting article again whenever everything with the layout is ironed out (hopefully soon), and I’m going to do so without skipping any news I missed that I deemed important, so prepare for a barrage.

Anyway, glad to be back, and I’m just glad there were so many people who expressed that they missed the site while I was gone. Must be doing something right.

If there are any problems you notice, definitely shoot me an e-mail. Thanks.


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