V6’s Morita Go and JAV star Miyuki Arisu are living together, apparently

In news I was not previously aware of before, V6‘s Morita Go is not only dating JAV star Miyuki Arisu, but the two are living together. Their relationship is advanced to the point where the tabloids are apparently now harassing her for details about a potential marriage.

Q: “It seems that your relationship with Morita Go is going well, but are you thinking of getting married sooner or later?”

A: “About that … it will cause trouble to [him], so I won’t be saying anything about it myself.”

Q: “Definitely continue towards the goal of marriage.”

A: “Is it a goal? Uh, sure. Thank you.”

Translation: “Please get the fuck out of my face and leave me alone. Kthxbye.”

V6 and Morita Go are, of course, a part of Johnny’s Entertainment, which is really what’s causing the clusterfuck. Johnny’s famously don’t let their idols get married even as they get old as fuck (except for one member per group or something), and thus they supposedly won’t let Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao announce their relationship, much less get married, nor did they supposedly let Morita Go himself get married to actress Ueto Aya. Given their ridiculous rules, one can imagine then how one of their artists marrying a porn star would go over with the company, hence all the secrecy and gossip.

Personally? I hope they get married just to piss off Johnny Kitagawa, who is a scumbag. Logically? It’ll never happen publicly.


Most importantly, do you know how hard it is to find clothed pictures of Miyuki Arisu?


Of course, this is what you want to see, and you can peruse her videography for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY as well.


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