G-Friend like T-ara, and T-ara likes their DETERMINATION

T-ara have their eyes on proteges in G-Friend, who they are targeting as the next generation of iljin-dols.

T-ara gushed, “G-Friend mentioned that they’re fans of us but we are bigger fans of them. When we see them, we are envious; they are so pretty and they work so hard. We really admire them. We sometimes think how we could have increased our appeal like them when we were a rookie group,” and joked, “When we meet them in the hallway it’s like we’re in a ‘some’ (ambiguous) relationship.”

G-Friend’s determination is OFF THE CHARTS, and it’s only a matter of time before T-ara has a iljin-dol army at their disposal and they invade Korea from China.


God, this just sets itself up doesn’t it?

Some people criticize me for taking low-hanging fruit jokes like this, but if nobody else wants to point it out and it’s right there on a tee, hell, I’ll fucking hit it.


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