Witness says assault on Seungho much worse than company claims

Details are now coming in about the assault of MBLAQ member Seungho, and unsurprisingly witnesses say it was a lot worse than the cleaned and polished version of the incident that just has Seungho getting slapped. Rather than a minor incident, in reality, 10 policemen in five police cars were dispatched and the assailant was arrested after witnesses said Seungho had a glass smashed over his head.

According to Seungho, the assault began inside the private room at the bar. ‘L’ raised the glass and smashed it against Seungho’s head. Frightened, Seungho called 112. ‘L’ was not able to calm down easily. The violence continued outside the bar. During a phone call with Dispatch, a witness reported that he/she ‘saw ‘L’ assaulting Seungho. He was holding a bottle of liquor’ and that ‘there was blood trickling down Seungho’s head.’ It took quite some time for the police to put down ‘L’ by force; ‘L’ was resisting too much. The witness stated that around ten policemen had to pounce on him to make the arrest.


So on one hand, it was actually a former J.Tune Camp employee, who is the current CEO of another agency now. They were telling the truth about that much, apparently. On the other hand, there’s still a cover-up of some sort at play here, at least according to these reports. I understand not wanting to file charges over a slap fight or a punch or two, but breaking a glass on somebody’s head and then continuing to attack him and THEN resisting arrest? I don’t see how that’s not actionable.

And yet, Seungho has taken to the MBLAQ fancafe to apologize.

I’m really sorry for announcing such bad news to our fans.

I never intended to make a big deal out of this. The story was falsely delivered, making our agency look bad, and I came to know that our fans are mad because of it, too. I feel that it is only right that I, myself, deliver the news to the fans.

The people in the agency were the ones who came looking for me when things happened, the ones who got even madder than me when I said I wanted to keep certain things quiet. Thanks to the fans who worried for me, I never had a hard time and I did not get hurt.

I didn’t get hurt and although I don’t feel all that fine, I am receiving strength from the fans. I was able to be loved by people around me again. I am in the middle of preparing for our tour in South America. I am preparing it well to give back to our loving fans. I hope we forget about these bad things and only focus on the positives in the future.


“Sorry for getting a glass smashed over my head and calling the police, I should’ve just accepted it as a part of being an idol.”

Sad, man.

Anyway, if the report is true, I hope the police decide to pursue charges anyway based on the evidence and witness(es), but if Seungho is uncooperative, then it’s hard to see anything further happening.

I doubt anything more comes of this, but at least we learned something. We were taught that according to the status quo, the only mistake anybody made here is that Seungho complained about being attacked and that stuff should be kept in-house and private.

Telling in itself.



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