Idol plastic surgery decision made by team of producers, says FNC CEO

In news that will shock nobody who sees the entertainment industry for what it generally is, FNC Entertainment‘s CEO Han Sung Ho told The Korea Herald that the staff consults on whether to make an idol get plastic surgery to shape their image.

“An artist does not necessarily have to receive plastic surgery or look perfect in order to gain popularity or possess that ‘star’ quality. An artist can appeal to the public with their individual charms.”

Whether or not an artist goes under the knife is a decision “to be made by a team of producers, factoring in each artist’s characteristics, target audience, and so on.”

The only sorta surprising part is that I think he was trying to spin it like “oh no way ALL of them get plastic surgery, it totally just depends on their BRAND” and thought it would be a positive thing or something.

What I want to know is if any entertainment company has run analytics on all this and has tried to literally let a computer decide on how to mold a group. If not, it has to be coming soon, right?


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