D.O. caught cheating on Sojin with Irene, YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

As we all know from using netizen forensic evidence and from reading way too much into things, EXO‘s D.O. and Girl’s Day‘s Sojin are totally dating. Thus, how shocking is it that D.O. would brazenly cheat on her with labelmate Irene of Red Velvet, and in public to boot!!!

At a recent SM Entertainment concert, D.O. held the WRIST (LYKE OMG!!!) of Irene as she got down from the stage.


The media reports screamed about the “intimate skinship” between the two and how “Irene & D.O. officially admit to dating”.


What an amazing scoop.

D.O., that fucking manwhore, and Irene, you homewrecking harlot.


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