BTS fans locked out of Atlanta concert due to overselling, promoters fail again


BTS‘s concert tour in America is going … um … incredibly poorly. In earlier stops, I had already heard complaints that everything was disorganized and BTS were only on stage for about 30 minutes, performing only four songs, but that was honestly sort of par for the course. Yes, concerts put on by these second-rate promoters are usually that terrible to the point where I didn’t think it warranted coverage.

In Atlanta though, things seemed to take the next step in fuckery, as the promoters oversold the venue, which led to hundreds of fans being locked out. Promoters apparently literally didn’t check the venue capacity, which led to this mistake. And though I’m very sorry to those who had to deal with this, I just have to say that’s so incompetent that I have to find it hilarious and laugh a bit.

Anyway, this led to the promoters in panic mode to try and compensate for it … but they just ended up in more lies.

Yes, as compensation, they made fans wait for the concert to finish, then wait around after the concert more, and then it was told to them that BTS had already left.

That sure is an interesting way to go about things.

That said, I’m honestly not that shocked by this, which is basically the problem.

I’m not in any way saying fans should’ve known better with those tweets. I’m just saying that this has been consistently the case for international … well … anything involving K-pop. The market is flooded with terrible promoters trying to score a quick buck, which leads to disorganized messes like this being put on by people who have no idea what they’re doing.

Not sure what else one can do to combat this though. Fans basically need to do their own due diligence on the company putting on these events, which is not something they SHOULD have to do, but it’s sadly the reality of most of these events and it has been basically forever now.

Good luck to the fans getting their money back or taking action in court, but fans have unfortunately been ripped off like this before and nothing has happened to these shitty companies. Don’t know what else to say, really.



The promoters knew they oversold the venue for months.


Also, here’s video:

The nervousness of somebody who knows she’s about to get dragged.


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