First Pitch Scouting Report: AOA’s Seolhyun at risk for catastrophic arm injury


AOA‘s Seolhyun threw out the first pitch at a recent baseball game, and the most important thing to cover when idols make these types of appearances is evaluating their upside in the sport.

Positives: Good balance, and motion is built off a solid foundation. General arm action lacks red flags, which should keep shoulder and elbow healthy if other improvements are made. Circle change could be a future out-pitch in high-leverage situations given the advanced feel for it.

Negatives: Motion lacks the drive and build of momentum to maximize velocity. Lazy front-side mechanics allow batters a clean look at pitches, and the drop of the glove at delivery factors into inability to finish pitches. The lower half also lacks hip separation with the waist, which leads to increased reliance on arm strength and stresses vulnerable ligaments. Abrupt arm action is more fitting for a middle infielder than a pitcher, and it hinders her timing and repeatability. There’s also an urgent need to pronate through release or there’s immediate risk of catastrophic arm injury.


Overall: Lacks general fundamentals and fluidity, but still possesses room for growth at just 20. Lanky 5’6″ frame houses room for velocity uptick with weight-room work and as frame fills out with maturity. Athleticism appears adequate enough that improvements can be made. Personality makeup is plus-plus, showing resiliency and familiarity in dealing with high pressure environments and unhinged fandoms, and she should anchor the marketability of any franchise off-the-field.


This is the content K-pop fans want. I know it.


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