Taeyeon’s solo teaser for “I” better not be what I think it is

In case you’ve been living under a rock, SNSD‘s Taeyeon is finally making her solo debut with “I“. In promotion of that, there has been a video teaser released that didn’t reveal much but a visual concept of sorts.


I’m actually having a pretty hard time imagining Taeyeon’s solo despite the fact that everybody knows she’s good vocalist. Image-wise and charisma-wise, I actually can’t see Taeyeon being a solo pop princess type in either the BoA or Ailee mode, and certainly not in the HyunA mode. Thus, I think ballad or indie tracks would fit her best … but I also get the feeling that if she goes that route she’s gonna try to bore me to death instead of doing something creative with it.

Look, visually it’s absolutely amazing. But given my worries about a Taeyeon solo going down this road, you can imagine that the teaser did nothing to dissuade me from believing that this will be some semi-melancholy hippie shit.

Obviously I’ll wait for the final product, and I’m sure she’ll pull off something decent, but it doesn’t help that my concerns about a solo by Taeyeon are being reinforced over and over.


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Thot Leader™